Many of us here at Chil Creative are aspiring artists. During our personal creative pursuits, we’ve found the process of self-marketing while maintaining sales and inventory can be challenging. In addition to this, we've always wanted to be apart of something that represents the city of Atlanta and brilliant creatives it turns out.

Since August 2016, we’ve been working on a pet project in the hopes to create a solution for this problem. Check out our newest brand:, an online marketplace driven through the love of our city, arts and entrepreneurship. Many of us have roots in the Atlanta photography community which allowed us to collaborated with a few photographers for the initial launch, however, we hope to connect with other artists as we grow. 50% of profits go back to the artists themselves.

Putting our branding, design, and content creation skills to practice for our own brand has been an immensely rewarding experience. We wanted to keep our design relatively simplistic. Our logo and flag designs are minimalist despite the intricacy of their context.

Similar to our other brands within Chil Media, we stuck to a black and white color scheme. Many of our apparel designs boast our simple black and white aesthetic. The fourofour brand is more about the artists and our city, so we have literally highlighted these by having color images in contrast with our internal designs.

We created a fully optimized website featuring an online store and blog. Much of the site is centered on the products and artists. We encourage you to check out our mission, the story behind the idea and the inspiration behind our flag design at

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