Sam Morgan

As a realtor, your personality is key. Sam Morgan is a real estate agent for in the city of in town Atlanta.  He came to us looking for a fresh brand and online presence which would help his future clients understand more about his personality.

Following extensive competitor research, we worked with Sam to set him apart from the growing real estate industry in Atlanta.  To help establish Sam as a thought leader in the Atlanta Real Estate market, we set him up with a custom built Blog, to which we could drive traffic to. We filmed a brand video for him to help further explain who he was and his knowledge and passion of the city. 

Finally, we came up with social media strategy for him to continue his brand identity and exemplify his strengths. Prior to the launch of the new brand, Sam was able to establish a steady, engaging audience. The launch of the brand with the video was a huge success and was widely viewed in an organic manner. 

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