Atlanta commercial leasing executive Tisha Maley decided to leave her long-time place of employment and start her own retail based real estate agency. She needed to create an identity for her new business that built upon her established reputation. When connecting brands with retail spaces, Maley, called a “retail genius” by, had all the experience and credibility anyone could want.

When designing her new logo, we considered color theory to accurately represent the business model she was trying to portray. We agreed on the color orange, which is often viewed as a warm, vibrant color that engages the viewer and projects energy.

Creating a fully customized, mobile responsive website was the next step. She started her agency at a time when having an approachable, high-level, online identity was paramount.

With close attention to detail, we developed The Maley Company’s brand and formulated the identity collateral it needed to launch at the top of their industry.

We also supplied Maley with several professional portraits, as well as many on-site shots at Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza, and Westside Provisions where Maley had successfully agented retail space.

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